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Improper Food Balances Can Keep You Overweight

Improper Food Balances Can Keep You Overweight

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 04, 2010 – As Americans, we are inundated with a wide variety of food choices with many different kinds of things to eat. Generally our common sense kicks in at some point, but usually too late after we have already committed to eating unnecessary calories. We know that chips and cake are not the best choices, but they still seem to play a major role in our every day lives. We know that overeating is bad and fast food can be even worse, so we avoid these things and do our best to eat healthy. But did you know that not eating meals, skipping meals or eating too little can make you overweight?

Not eating a proper balance of fats, proteins, or carbohydrates will send the body into “starvation mode” thus making the body hold and store fat because it thinks that it may not be fed again for some time. You hear people say “I just can’t lose any weight and I don’t eat” all the time. These are the same people that skip breakfast, eat a small salad for lunch, or one meal the whole day of chicken with rice for dinner. You may hear others say “I eat so healthy and my body still won’t drop weight”. These are only two examples of how we cause our weight to remain high and our bodies to remain in constant survival mode. The following are the 6 Team Fitness America sure fire ways to stay overweight, which of course is what we don’t want to do.

Portioning food to the extreme or restricting food when we are hungry.

Portioning food beyond normal is not good or restricting food consumption when we are hungry is even worse and will only bring binge eating later in the day. Weighing and measuring everything that you consume will psychologically affect you as much as physically. When you insist on carrying your food in plastic baggies that you weighed earlier for exact amounts will leave you prone to feeling hungry and stressed. Stressing out the endocrine system will make your cortisol levels fluctuate thus making your body remain overweight. Create a balanced meal plan while including some things that you like to eat. Take on a belief that anything in moderation is not a bad thing but don’t take it beyond control and think that eating fried foods in moderation is still okay. Over obsessing by restricting yourself too much about your foods will take a toll on your psyche and you will notice that you are not losing weight.

Restricting too much food.

By not eating certain foods (avocado due to fat or bananas due to starch) you limit the vitamins and minerals that the body will obtain from food and limit the body’s ability to lose weight by restricting the vitamins it can have. Taking over the counter vitamins and minerals is a great compliment to your diet but not a substitute. There are foods like avocado and peanut butter that are often over looked for their nutritional properties because their fat contact is high. The point is that there is good fat content that your body needs to function properly and burn more fat.

Buying prepackaged meals.

Precooked and frozen meals that you buy in the grocery store have a lot of salt and preservatives. The human body will bloat and retain water from excess salt. So if you have a prepackaged breakfast, prepackaged lunch and prepackaged dinner each day you will soon feel bloated and heavy. Your body can not simply process all that salt. Even if you are counting calories, fats and carbs, you will still consume more salt in one meal with prepackaged meals than what the body needs in one day. Read your labels carefully and pick and chose premade products on a very selective level. Substitute healthy, real, fresh foods for those packaged meals. You can also prep meals at home from your own kitchen so you know what is in each meal and how much salt to add is purely up to you.

Skipping Breakfast.

Missing breakfast is like not putting any fuel in your car when your gas tank is empty and expecting your car to run perfectly. We all know that the car will simply just stop running and you will be calling for someone to help fetch gas. Your body operates the same way. Sometimes we avoid breakfast and don’t feed our bodies the proper nutrients until later in the day or we end up over eating at night or simply not getting enough food throughout the day. Your body can not run properly in that manner. It needs good clean fuels to make it go, just like the car.

Counting calories to the nanogram.

Again, if you are so obsessed with your weight that you need to cut off even one calorie and write them all down you will be over obsessing about your calorie intake and again your cortisol will fluctuate and the stress on your body will cause you to not lose weight. You could find yourself searching for comfort foods due to the stress of putting too much pressure to stick to an exact calorie amount. Come up with a good number to stay around (your fitness trainer can assist you with this for your fitness level) and do not stress if you had a few calories over the limit. A bit more exercise will burn those right off.

Eating or not eating before you workout with your personal trainer.

If you do not eat a light protein and carb balanced snack about two hours before your workout you will be lethargic and not able to perform the exercises at full ability. If you eat too much food prior to the workout you will feel nauseous and not want to workout at all. Living a true fitness experience each workout to the best of its capability requires a proper balance of proteins and cabs to maximize your true potential. If you aren’t sure what to eat or when to eat, ask your fitness specialist and they can give you a few great foods to try.

Knowing what and when to eat or what combinations of foods to eat when you workout is the key to having a continual, healthy weight loss plan.

For more information about Team Fitness America, visit

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Team Fitness America offers a wide variety of home based fitness services, such as personal trainers, yoga instruction, Pilates programs, bridal fitness, weight loss, and much more. Team Fitness America’s personal trainers are all nationally certified.

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New possibilities for development business

New possibilities for development business

Marketing consulting site presents in July new product strategy and brand strategy reports for 2011. These reports for 2011 are packed with new products and new brand examples, plus associated ideas, technologies and advertising, essential to guide your product and brand positioning.

Monthly, interesting consumer trends reviews for anybody is interested by new possibilities and new directions for developments growing up of business. These free reviews of new trends are focusing on inspiring behavioral keys.

For a comprehensive, customizable, global perspective on new trends, visit each month For a short presentation of our annual reports, look our video clips in popular video wave of online resources as Youtube and video.

Some information about is dedicated to trend publication and strategic research based on global consumer trends. Flowing from a marketing consulting firm, our reports provide the essential keys to drive your brand strategy and new product development. flowing from a marketing consulting firm founded in 1986, is a network of pioneers in trend-watching with over 20 years’ international experience in observing and analyzing consumer trends.’s mother agency has worked with such major names as Danone, Mars, Nestlé, Bongrain, Labeyrie, Boots, Reckitt Benckiser, Auchan, Kingfisher, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, Kérastase, Garnier, Guerlain, Sanofi, Wyeth, Chanel, Cartier, Hermès, and many others.

Our company goes further than a trend watching agency or a global consumer trends catalog: our trend watching team assimilates the trends and undertakes trend analysis to extract what has priority and will have a crucial impact on winning strategies today and in the future.

We keep new products and new brands as close as possible to consumer insights and generate levers, ideas, concepts that trigger innovation for our clients.

Being Internet-based enables to put their powerful creative and decision-making tools in the hands of more clients at affordable prices, while still allowing them to offer full service and maintain confidentiality with their broad range of clients.

# # # observes CONSUMER TRENDS all around the world and focus them in the current marketing challenges for the product and for the brand

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Skiing in Yllas Lapland

Skiing in Yllas Lapland

Aug 28, 2010 – Yllas ski centre is the largest in Finland when it comes to the number of hills, total length of slope and altitude of hills. The Gondola lift makes climbing to the top of Yllas fell comfortable and the Gondola lift can also be used in the summer months to travel to the top of the fell. The longest slope in Finland is Jattipitka, and is three kilometres long. The hill is 463 meters from the hill to the ground level and is known for giving a thrill.

There are 24 semi difficult slopes and 6 difficult slopes for those that love the thrill of speed, the length of the slopes mean you can literally blast down at top speed and why not take on the world cup slope which is the only FIS approved super G slope in Finland.

The polar nights are of no hindrance to skiers because a total of 29 slopes in Yllas are illuminated so you can enjoy the twists and turns of the slopes and the blue moments that descends onto the fells. Whilst in Yllas you really need to get to know all of the 62 slopes to really appreciate what they have to offer. The lifts in Yllas range from the Gondola lift, chair lifts, tow lifts and carpet lifts.
On the Akaslompolo side of the fell you have the new fun park which offers challenges for skiers of all abilities and the park area includes a junior park for children and beginners. Yllas ski centre also caters for all abilities and lessons are run daily for the beginner and intermediate skiers, there is also family schools where you can have lessons together which is good for the little ones.

There is also the opportunity to try different things whilst in Yllas and there is every opportunity to try telemark skiing and snowboarding which are both within your easy grasp in Yllas. The quality of the instructors is second to none with all instructors highly qualified. The ski shop attached to the ski centre will also advise on the best equipment to hire and will help you find everything you will need including for the children. When you ski for the first time, it is paramount that you have the right equipment and feel comfortable and remember the instructors and the ski staff have been doing their job for a long time and know what they are talking about.

The Taiga centre in Yllas sport resort has everything you could need from ski rental and maintenance, sports store, service desk, ticket sales and some fantastic restaurants. Even if you don’t intend skiing the ski centre and fells are well worth a visit anyway.

# # #

Just Lapland offer cabin rental as well as advice and information on holidays to Lapland.

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United States  heading for a second recession or a slow recovery

United States heading for a second recession or a slow recovery

Slowing growth, declining house prices and rising unemployment re-opens the debate about a second or double dip recession.

The Gross National Product grew at 1. 6 Per cent in spring, a much lower rate of growth than expected. This figure is some way from the initial estimate of 2.6 % last month and even slower than the first quarters’ estimate of 3.7%. The developing slump may lead, economists warned, to businesses and consumers becoming even more cautious and the economy stalling.

The cost of housing, also an indicator of the economy’s health, is in decline. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described the outlook as inherently uncertain with the economy “remaining vulnerable to unexpected developments”.

The yield curve, the interest rates paid on treasury bonds, is sloped upwards, so much so that the chances of such a double dip recession are a mere 15.5% according to the Federal Reserve Bank .
William Grieder sets out the theory in his 1980s book Secrets of the Temple. Showing how short term interest rates are set by the Federal Banks and long term rates by the market. These differing rates , over time, can be seen as a curve that slopes up or downwards. If there is a positive slope upwards then the economy is likely to expand. The banks in these conditions are rewarded by borrowing money at lower rates in the short term and lending it out for later higher repayment. Such lending puts money into the economy, leading to growth. The prediction is slow growth, not a double dip. A slow recovery that may not feel like growth for some time.

Speaking at a meeting of economists in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, leading economist Vincent and Carmen Reinhart also claimed it could be 10 years before a return to pre- recession growth. Ethan Harris of Merrill Lynch said “We seem to be in the early stages of what might be called a growth recession.”

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Hip Hop Shutter Shades Sunglasses free shipping

Hip Hop Shutter Shades Sunglasses free shipping

Hip Hop Shutter Shades Sunglasses wholesale

buy Hip Hop Shutter Shades Sunglasses free shipping from


Stronger Hip Hop Shutter Shades Concert Frames Sunglasses
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6 x Shutter shades sunglasses

Hip Hop Shutter Shades Sunglasses wholesale from

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Current Affairs: First Lady walks into public relations nightmare

Current Affairs: First Lady walks into public relations nightmare

First Lady Michelle Obama took a lavish four day trip to Spain breaking the principles of frugality promoted by the President back home. Meanwhile the withdrawal of the State Departments warning for African Americans travelling to Spain to be aware of racial prejudice by the police sparks further

The five star holiday resort in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain where Michelle Obama, her daughter, and friends have been staying is certainly out of the price range of many Americans. Creating a potential distance between the First Lady and those the President seeks to represent, just when the midterm votes are looming.

The rescinding of the Travel warning for African Americans at the same time as her departure is also ill timed.

Philip Cowley, State Department spokesman said the advisory came from and incident some 18 month ago which “ Upon review, we thought it was no longer current and we reviewed it.”

The incident occurred when two members of a government department were stopped for no reason in Spain and one was held and was later released with injuries he obtained whilst incarcerated.

Spain’s recent history; emerging from a Dictatorship in 1975 ( after the death of General Franco),
which was characterized by large scale emigration to Europe and South America, indicates it has little experience of the issues . Now with rising unemployment it is telling that it is the immigrant population that has borne the brunt of the layoffs. Estaba Ibarra Spokesman for the Movement Against Intolerance states

“We have many racists in Spain as anywhere else In Europe”

Certainly the First Ladys’ visit has been seen by the majority of Spanish as a resounding success. Tourist Officials even going so far as to say her visit has rekindled Marbella, putting it back on the premier tourist location map.

The question is has the First Lady with her Poise, American flair and European designer clothing done enough to be an ambassador and role model for those needing some racial education and has the price paid been too high back home.

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MyLondonInfo Now Listing Upwards of 1,000 Restaurants

MyLondonInfo Now Listing Upwards of 1,000 Restaurants

SURREY, ENGLAND, August 26, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — MyLondonInfo has announced it now boasts a list of more than 1,000 restaurants in the Central London region. Having partnered with, the MyLondonInfo website now offers an online booking functionality for the majority of these restaurants. Not only will users be able to book their preferred time and venue but they will also be able to take advantage of special offers and deals made available by the restaurants.

Now in its second year, MyLondonInfo is keen to offer its listed restaurants the opportunity to interact electronically with their customers. In order to promote this, restaurant customers are encouraged to leave reviews, both good and bad. These reviews are published on the individual London restaurants page as well as on a scroll bar on the Mylondoninfo homepage. Users are also encouraged to contact the restaurants directly through the website interface. All reviews are then published and enquiries are followed up by the Mylondoninfo team to ensure everybody is happy.

The majority of the restaurant listings are focused on the West End including Piccadilly Restaurants and Soho Restaurants. Both of these areas are ideal for a pre-theatre London meal. Many of the restaurants offer very generous deals to those who will vacate their tables by 19:30. Over time the plan is for the team to keep expanding the area covered whilst all the time keeping the quality of the reviews first class.

Colin Iffland, Director of MyLondonInfo, said: “We have gone to a great amount of effort ensuring our reviews are balanced and fair. We have endeavored to provide more than the normal single paragraph lifted from a Restaurants website and whilst more expensive and time consuming we have provided comprehensive information on the establishment. Our listings include photos, virtual tours, a booking engine and detailed contact information. We hope this extra level of care and attention will contribute to an enjoyable dining experience for all.”

About MyLondonInfo
MyLondonInfo is part of the award winning MyDestinationInfo group which incorporates destination information websites around the world from London to Hawaii to Cairns and everywhere in between. MyLondonInfo offers a wealth of information on travel info, restaurants, theatre shows, London accommodation and much much more.


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Walk, Golf and Gala Keep the Chris Elliott Fund Moving Forward as They Fund a Cure for Brain Cancer

Walk, Golf and Gala Keep the Chris Elliott Fund Moving Forward as They Fund a Cure for Brain Cancer

SEATTLE, WA, August 25, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — The 3rd Annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk was a stellar one this year, as over 2000 people participated and gave their time to help fund a cure for brain cancer. One of those teams truly made a difference as they raised over $36,000 dollars in hopes of funding their Chris Elliott Fund Integrative Patient Support Program at the Ben & Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at the Swedish Neuroscience Center in Seattle. As an official Walk Partner who put in countless hours behind the scenes to ensure the success of this event, the Chris Elliott Fund, better known at the Walk as Team CEF, won second in overall fundraising efforts this year as they paid for nearly half of their annual program costs as their funds went directly to The Ivy Center. They will donate over $300,000 dollars over the next five years and this donation will go directly to the Chris Elliott Integrative Patient Support Program at The Ivy Center. Jean Smart, (3 time Emmy Award winning actress) joined Team CEF after losing her sister to brain cancer last January. Jean spoke on stage, and let everyone know that “this disease must come out of the shadows and into the light, and more money is needed for research. We simply can’t do it alone.”

The Walk closed that afternoon on June 26, 2010, and exactly one month later, the Chris Elliott Fund (CEF) kicked off their 9th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge in which 18 plus celebrities and athletes came together to help raise funds for brain cancer research. Tom Parks (Comedy Central) hosted the $10,000 dollar putting contest while other celebs such as Stephanie Zimbalist (Remmington Steele) and past head coach Don James (Huskies Hall of Fame) gave it their all as they golfed all 18 holes and came back for the BBQ and award ceremony. Several teams were so moved by the overall event– one in particular came on stage during the award ceremony, and gave a $7,500.00 dollar donation on behalf of their friend Art Saunders, who also golfed that day, and is currently undergoing brain cancer treatment. “The turnout was amazing this year, and we couldn’t have raised over $20,000 dollars for brain cancer research without the help of everyone who showed up today and gave their all to ensure we had something to give back and uphold our mission: to end brain cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research.” (Dellann Elliott, President & CEO, Chris Elliott Fund)

During an economic downturn, CEF is on a mission to end brain cancer, and thus far they are two for two, and have raised over $50,000 dollars towards brain cancer research. This is an incredible feat considering this local non-profit relies solely on volunteers to get the job done. CEF is now gearing up for their 9th Annual Gray Ribbon Gala & Benefit Auction, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue Grand Ballroom on September 25, 2010. This is CEF’s marquee event in which they hope to raise over $100,000 dollars to support the Chris Elliott Fund Integrative Patient Support Program, and to fund the Christopher S. Elliott Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Local celebrities John Curley and Jim Dever of Evening Magazine will be the host auctioneers of the evening, and once again Jean Smart will attend and offer up her fur coat for auction as she helps CEF reach their 100,000 dollar goal. The evening should be a memorable one as CEF shows video highlights of why we need to build awareness for this disease, as we are all convinced that the statistics of diagnosis for brain cancer are certainly much higher than the research stats tout that are currently available online. Kathy Goertzen , Katie Barrows, and John Barrows (brain cancer survivor) of Microsoft will all be featured in this touching video about fear, hope, awareness and change. Brain cancer patients and their caregivers come together to speak about this disease, about advanced brain tumor treatment, genetic testing of the live tumor prior to surgery, and what is needed to overcome the obstacles and survive.

The Chris Elliott Fund has had a stellar year, and it’s not over yet, as they continue to fund cutting edge research, and continue to fight the battle for everyone inflicted with this disease. At the end of the day, CEF can look back and give over $150,000 dollars towards their programs, brain cancer research, and to help patients and others move forward and get the treatment they deserve. Not bad for a local non-profit, who has no employees on their roster, but gets by with passion, perseverance and volunteers who make it happen day in and day out. It just goes to show you, that even one person can make a difference in the fight against brain cancer, and in this case Dellann Elliott, President & CEO of the Chris Elliott Fund, has truly shown that one person can truly make a big difference.
To sign up for the 9th annual Gray Ribbon Gala & Benefit Auction, please go to and under the events tab click on Gala and look for the register now button. It’s up to all of us to end brain cancer.

About the Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research

The Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research (CEF) is a non-profit organization that raises funds specifically aimed at ending brain cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research. CEF has raised more than $1 million for brain cancer research across the country and provides countless resources, information and support to people living with the disease. CEF funds groundbreaking research in the Christopher S. Elliott Neuro-oncology Lab for Glioblastoma Brain Research and Applied Science Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The organization has developed and is currently funding the Chris Elliott Fund Integrative Patient Support Program at the Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment in Seattle’s Swedish Neuroscience Institute. CEF’s Patient Outreach and Advocacy Committee provides education and awareness for patients and physicians nationwide.

About Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is the most malignant form of cancer known to humankind with an average survival rate of two years. It is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under the age of 20. Each year, 8 of every 100,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with primary malignant brain tumors. Approximately 20,000 Americans die each year from this disease. Unlike some other cancers brain tumors do not discriminate against gender, ethnicity, age, overall fitness, or socioeconomic status. Over five hundred terminal cases of brain cancer will be diagnosed in the Seattle-Metro area alone this year.

Chris Elliott Fund CEO– Dellann Elliott

Dellann Elliott co-founded the Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Research shortly before her husband’s death (Chris Elliott) in June of 2002. She is a skilled public advocate, attending hearings in Washington, D.C., educating doctors/patients through multimedia educational campaigns while driving the research community to collaborate care at all junctures. Dellann has been honored by Harvard University as a National Glioblastoma Patient Advocate, and is also the recipient of the “Spirit of Sammamish” Award for 2009–an award in which the city and its citizens acknowledge “Magnificent Moments of Inspiration”. Dellann Elliott, a mother of two children, is also a Rotary Club Board Member, and a member of the following organizations:, American Association for Cancer Research, Executive Association of Non-Profits, as well as a Sammamish Chamber of Commerce Member. Prior to creating the Chris Elliott Fund, she served as an environmental regulator and as an early childhood educator at a local Washington state elementary school, specializing in educating children inflicted with Down Syndrome.


The Chris Elliott Fund for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Research (CEF) is a non-profit organization that raises funds specifically aimed at ending brain cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research. CEF has raised more than $1 million for brain cancer research across the country and provides countless resources, information and support to people living with the disease. CEF funds groundbreaking research in the Christopher S. Elliott Neuro-oncology Lab for Glioblastoma Brain Research and Applied Science Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The organization has developed and is currently funding the Chris Elliott Fund Integrative Patient Support Program at the Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment in Seattle’s Swedish Neuroscience Institute. CEF’s Patient Outreach and Advocacy Committee provides education and awareness for patients and physicians nationwide.

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Lord of the Rings Slot Game Already Creating a Stir in the Online Casino Community

Lord of the Rings Slot Game Already Creating a Stir in the Online Casino Community

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, August 26, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Lord of the Rings Slot game has started to create quite a stir and buzz already, this even before its official release on 2nd September at Microgaming-powered casinos.

The online slot game will be based on the blockbuster movie trilogy which was originally based on, and adapted from books of the same name by Oxford Professor J.R.R Tolkien. The game will be debuting innovative new technology, which the creators of the game, Microgaming, have dubbed “Cinematic Spin Technology”. This means that scenes and clips from the movie will be integrated and displayed in the reels whilst the slot gamer is playing.

Clips that are known to be included in the first game, The Fellowship of the Ring Slot, are: the attack on Weathertop by the Ringwraiths, the Balrog in the Mines of Moria as well as the Uruk-hai in the woods of Middle-earth.

The Lord of the Rings slot machine itself will be a 5 reel slot with 243 ways to win with three, four or five “the one ring” appearing on the reels activating the bonus feature of 15 free spins. The maximum payout of the game is 1, 9 million credits which can be won when playing when the free spins feature is activated.

As online gaming has strict regulations and guidelines the game will only be available to adults in countries where online gaming is permitted and legal.

2010 New Line Production, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and the names of characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks of the Saul Zaentz company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc. is a website dedicated to the upcoming Microgaming Slot Game – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

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