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Current Affairs: First Lady walks into public relations nightmare

Current Affairs: First Lady walks into public relations nightmare

First Lady Michelle Obama took a lavish four day trip to Spain breaking the principles of frugality promoted by the President back home. Meanwhile the withdrawal of the State Departments warning for African Americans travelling to Spain to be aware of racial prejudice by the police sparks further

The five star holiday resort in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain where Michelle Obama, her daughter, and friends have been staying is certainly out of the price range of many Americans. Creating a potential distance between the First Lady and those the President seeks to represent, just when the midterm votes are looming.

The rescinding of the Travel warning for African Americans at the same time as her departure is also ill timed.

Philip Cowley, State Department spokesman said the advisory came from and incident some 18 month ago which “ Upon review, we thought it was no longer current and we reviewed it.”

The incident occurred when two members of a government department were stopped for no reason in Spain and one was held and was later released with injuries he obtained whilst incarcerated.

Spain’s recent history; emerging from a Dictatorship in 1975 ( after the death of General Franco),
which was characterized by large scale emigration to Europe and South America, indicates it has little experience of the issues . Now with rising unemployment it is telling that it is the immigrant population that has borne the brunt of the layoffs. Estaba Ibarra Spokesman for the Movement Against Intolerance states

“We have many racists in Spain as anywhere else In Europe”

Certainly the First Ladys’ visit has been seen by the majority of Spanish as a resounding success. Tourist Officials even going so far as to say her visit has rekindled Marbella, putting it back on the premier tourist location map.

The question is has the First Lady with her Poise, American flair and European designer clothing done enough to be an ambassador and role model for those needing some racial education and has the price paid been too high back home.

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