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Muslim Centre near ground Zero

Muslim Centre near ground Zero

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf proposes to build a Muslim community centre just two blocks from Ground Zero. The 4.85 million dollar project, is an ambitious project with its 500 seated auditorium, swimming pool and exhibition space. The project has won overwhelming planning support for its interfaith ideals and facilities that will be open to all who wish to use them.

“We are trying to establish something that follows the YMCA concept, but is not a church or synagogue, or in this case a mosque” says Imam Feisal Rauf.”

The 15 story building will have a prayer room for Muslims to pray in. Families for a safe and strong
America, formed by the families of the victims of 9/11 , were shown architectural drawings in which
a mosque , or prayer space was located on the top floor , with commanding views of ground Zero.

Local residents have joined the families of the victims to oppose the so called ground Zero mosque,
based on the insensitive citing of the project so close to where Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3000

The controversy continues to grow as Imam Feisal Rauf refused to disclose the sources of funding for the project, leaving ample room for speculation.

The naming of the project as Cardoba House may seem to the developers, like a positive representation for the project, since it refers to a region in Spain where Muslims invaded and then ruled during a period of religious tolerance. Cardoba became the Islamic capital caliphate and the most populated city in Europe, perhaps the world in the tenth century. To the victims and families and a growing number of Americans it echoes of a new kind of Muslim invasion which is deeply personal, entering personal and National loss. It is not that religious freedom should not be upheld, it is the citing, naming and timing of such a project. This debate is set to grow and continue for some time.

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