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Real-life story is surprise best-seller


A humorous true life story about an unusual family’s decision to move to France is a surprise entry in the Specialty Travel (Senior) Top 100 Best-sellers category on

Sell the Pig, written under the pen-name of Tottie Limejuice, is the work of former journalist turned copywriter Lesley Tither, who lives in Central France. It’s the story of what happens when dementia, depressed dipsomania and downright dottiness decide to uproot from the United Kingdom and move to France together.

Worried by the lack of care for her frail elderly mother in the UK, Tottie decides a new life elsewhere might be the answer. Sell the Pig is a travel tale with a twist, describing with alternating humor and poignancy how a somewhat dysfunctional family decide to uproot and move to rural France. Eccentric Tottie, her manic depressive alcoholic brother, their mother, whose dementia has given her an obsession with bums, and an equally elderly border collie, decide France’s Auvergne is to be their new home.

sellthepigSell the Pig also gives the reason behind Tottie’s unusual pen-name, and explains the historical military origins of the title.

Because the subject matter makes this book so different from any other book on moving abroad currently on the market, Sell the Pig has quickly reached top rankings. It holds the No 1 slot in its category on both Amazon UK and Amazon France, and is available in Kindle or paperback format.

When not writing, Tottie is passionate about wildlife and the countryside, enjoys walks and camping with her rescued border collie dogs, and organic gardening. Now firmly settled into rural French living, she has now applied for dual British/French citizenship.