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U.S. Leads the World in Overweight and Obesity…

U.S. Leads the World in Overweight and Obesity…

over taking undernourishment as the most significant factor of poor health!

The number of those who are malnourished in the world continues to rise. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization the figure now stands at 1.02 billion with most people being located in the Sub Saharan Africa and Asia and the Pacific. In a perverse paradox The WHO suggests that 1.7 billion of the worlds 6 billion population are now overweight or obese. The United States with two thirds of all Americans, shockingly classified as overweight or obese leads the world. These extremes are the leading causes of health problems throughout the world today, with obesity being Americas ticking time bomb.

Obesity is when excess body fat affects the persons health, reducing life expectancy by up to 6 to 7 years or increasing health problems such as diabetes, heart conditions. It is determined by comparing your weight to your height and calculating you Body mass index. Those with a body mass over 25 are overweight and those over 30 are obese. To calculate your body mass click here: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

“The movement to reverse the epidemic is gathering force but we are not yet seeing measurable improvements” said James Marks MD Senior Vice President of the Robert Johnson Foundation.
The analysis and list of growing responses to this dilemma is gathering pace. With the First Lady Michelle Obama promoting Healthy eating and reducing the food deserts (where fresh foods are simply not available) in our inner cities . Super Star Chef Jamie Oliver is directing a School Cafeteria in West Virginia, and Obesity Charts are now routinely being used at child wellness visits. There’s also plenty of advice on government websites and agencies to help with nutritional knowledge about the right kinds of food to eat.

Kelly Brownell   co founder of the Rudd Centre for food policy and Obesity at Yale University suggests the war against obesity moves beyond personal responsibility to the food industry and social order. He suggested in a recent interview and book that food is big business. With the food industry spending 30 billion in advertising products; often claiming to be healthy when they are not and with the world’s largest Nutrition group; The American Diabetic Association having a list of sponsors that includes the very companies selling the unhealthy products. Clearly there’s a lot to do in order to save the lives and health of millions of Americans including rethinking our policies on food production and the environment.

The paradox of those who are under nourished mostly a time of food surplus should not be over looked. The re examination of social order that Kelly Brownell refers to, has resonance here too, not just within America but on a global scale. The Food Supply chain and the development of sustainable food within an environmental context is set to be the next big focus change, if we are to address all the root causes of malnutrition and obesity.

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